The compliance objective of PB Consult Planungs- und Betriebsberatungsgesellschaft mbH (hereinafter referred to as PB Consult) is to ensure that all employees and the company consistently comply with applicable laws and all ordinances and internal regulations in all actions. In addition, actions should be taken without exception in such a way that personal injury and environmental damage as well as financial, material or reputational damage can be avoided in advance.

Our compliance culture includes the following core values

The employees of PB Consult accept the responsibility that a consulting company has towards society in all areas. We want to preserve and maintain the dignity and reputation of our company at all times and in all places. PB Consult employees comply with nationally applicable laws and regulations and maintain fair and respectful behaviour when working with clients and partners. PB Consult employees are committed to behave honestly, ethically and fairly in their dealings with customers, business partners, suppliers and colleagues. It is strictly forbidden to exploit, discredit or abuse other persons through manipulation, concealment, misuse of confidential or secret information, misrepresentation of facts or other unfair behaviour.

PB Consult does not tolerate discrimination on the basis of gender, race, skin colour, age, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, origin, disability, ancestry or political opinions. PB Consult does not grant any business partner an unauthorised advantage in order to obtain a contract. Corruption and bribery are punishable offences and will be prosecuted by PB Consult with all consequences.

Whistleblower system

Violations of applicable law or regulations will not be tolerated.You can contact us - also anonymously - via the following reporting channel.

Supply Chain Due Diligence Act:

Complaints in accordance with § 8 Supply Chain Due Diligence Act due to human rights or environmental incidents that have occurred or are imminent in connection with PB Consult's own operational activities or those of its suppliers can be reported to among others.