City Logistics

We develop sustainable and optimised concepts for inner-city commercial traffic. The focus here is on ensuring supply and disposal by commercial transport in the city centre, increasing space efficiency and improving traffic flow and road safety. Concrete concepts for measures such as the establishment of micro-hubs, the conversion of conventional delivery vehicles to electric operation or cargo bikes and the introduction of delivery zones are developed and the potential for relieving traffic congestion and reducing noise and greenhouse gas emissions is demonstrated. The basis for this includes the traffic data collected by us, the information obtained in the participation process or expert discussions and the economic geography analysis.


  • Area and consignment data analysis
  • Stakeholder participation (CEP services, tradespeople, public)
  • Traffic survey and evaluation
  • Traffic modelling (microscopic and macroscopic)
  • Development of micro-hub and loading zone concepts
  • Planning and monitoring of pilot tests to implement specific measures
  • Driving geometry analyses of the trafficability of loading zones
  • Location analyses for micro-hubs and loading zones



Stadt Fulda


Stadt Fürth


Stadt Karlsruhe


Stadt Marburg


Stadt Neu-Ulm