New citizen marketing

New citizen marketing offers an excellent opportunity to directly influence people's mobility behaviour, especially when they are in the midst of a transition, such as moving to a new city. The targeted provision of information on alternative means of transport, which focuses on eco-mobility, ensures that they do not rely solely on motorised private transport, but become familiar with the entire range of mobility options. A timely approach after the move is of crucial importance. Depending on the desired scope, citizens can be approached in different ways. For example, by means of welcome packs including a taster ticket, the provision of an online platform with the option of arranging a personal customer appointment or information stands at central locations. The latter is an effective way of providing advice and information to a large number of people, particularly in new housing developments.


  • Development of mobility folders and personalised cover letters including printing and dispatch
  • Data protection-compliant processing and maintenance of address data
  • Provision of a new citizen hotline for mobility advice
  • Interactive online platform for information about local mobility services
  • Mobility events and information stands in new development areas or district centres
  • Follow-up support



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