Dialogue Marketing

Dialogue marketing according to the kundig design is characterised by in-depth personal consultation and direct contact with customers on site. This unique approach enables us to build a particularly close relationship with our customers. By quickly providing target group-specific information on environmentally friendly means of transport, we actively contribute to promoting conscious decision-making processes for the entire environmental network. The use of marketing campaigns based on the kundig design has proven to be extremely successful in over ten years and more than 100 projects with around 1,000,000 target persons. These successes are continuously monitored and ensured through quality controls and before-and-after surveys. We offer our services in face-to-face, hybrid and online versions to best meet the needs of our clients.


  • Individual or target group-specific mobility counselling
  • Selection of the project area based on area-specific analysis
  • Recruitment and training of the service team
  • Drafting of information material and personalised letters including printing and dispatch
  • Recording and analysing feedback in person or via an interactive map
  • Customised interactive online platform
  • Customer support by email, video chat or telephone hotline
  • Evaluation based on follow-up surveys and before-and-after surveys



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