Citizen participation for traffic development plan of Treuchtlingen

03. March 2023

Together with the TH Nuremberg, we are developing a holistic traffic concept for the city of Treuchtlingen in order to resolve the problem areas in the network and to strengthen environmentally friendly traffic. This should both reduce local emissions and improve traffic safety and the quality of stay in the city.

In order to classify the critical points in the network and to be able to develop a traffic concept that is optimally oriented towards the needs and requirements of the population, the citizens of the city of Treuchtlingen are invited to participate and discuss. Opportunities for this include a citizens’ survey, interactive maps to mark critical points in the network and an information market stand for direct exchange and dialogue between expert planners and the population.

The various participation formats will be accompanied by our team of experts (see also, a working group of PB CONSULT that specialises in the topics of citizen participation and cooperative project work.