Transport transition is not a myth - new mobility data from Cologne

15. March 2024

In May 2023, the first key results of the mobility survey on the mobility behaviour of Cologne's population in 2022 were presented at a press conference, which was followed by a large media response. The results have now been fully analysed and have been compiled in a comprehensive final report.

Around 11,000 Cologne residents were asked about their mobility behaviour in autumn 2022. The results impressively show that the coronavirus pandemic, among other things, has led to a change in people's mobility behaviour and the trend towards an environmentally friendly mode of transport has once again been significantly accelerated.

For example, 83% of people in Cologne have their own bicycle or e-bike. In terms of modal split, the bicycle has now caught up with the car. The two modes of transport each account for 25% of all journeys made (20 years ago, however, almost every second journey was made by car). It is also interesting to note that around a third of Cologne households do not own a car.

It can therefore be summarised that cars are increasingly being abandoned in the Rhine metropolis, while cycling and especially walking are clearly on the rise. For the Cologne Office for Mobility Development, our results not only confirm that the "mobility turnaround is not a myth", as Egerer, Head of Transport, states, but also provide an important basis for the sustainable mobility plan "Better through Cologne" and for the future development of mobility concepts as well as for the city's transport planning in the long term.

The report is permanently available to the interested public on the City of Cologne's website for viewing and downloading. It is barrier-free throughout, i.e. it is also accessible to people with disabilities.

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