Great media response to new findings on Cologne’s mobility behaviour

24. May 2023

At a press conference of the City of Cologne on 17 May 2023, the results collected by PB CONSULT on the mobility behaviour of the Cologne population in 2022 were presented. Those responsible for the city of Cologne have already noted that some of the results from the survey of 11,426 Cologne residents were quite surprising. For example, in the modal split, the bicycle has now caught up with the car. The two modes of transport each have a share of 25% of all journeys made. This clearly exceeds the vision of the future “Cologne Mobile 2025” drafted in 2014, which still aimed for a 33% share of private transport (which was almost achieved in 2017). In a nutshell, it can be said that the car is standing still more and more often in the metropolis on the Rhine, while cycling and especially walking are clearly on the rise. For the Cologne Office for Mobility Development, our results, which we collected in the period from October to November 2022, not only mean confirmation that the “traffic turnaround is not a myth”, as Head of Transport Egerer stated, but also a work assignment for further improvements for sustainable urban traffic.

There was a large and positive response to the published results in the press, radio and television:


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