Commissioned with feasibility study for sustainable urban logistics in Marburg

25. January 2021

Together with our partner Urban Logistics Solutions , we have been commissioned as the main contractor by the city of Marburg to investigate the integration of so-called mico-hubs into commercial transport. These collection points for parcels can contribute to a better control of urban logistics and thus to relieving traffic and saving local greenhouse gas emissions. Due to the growing volume of consignments in the area of parcel logistics and the associated transport volume, the Hessian university city of Marburg is also facing the major challenge of ensuring future-proof and sustainable urban logistics with less traffic.

In December 2020, we started to identify suitable locations for micro-hubs in Marburg in addition to taking stock of parcel logistics flows. Following on from this, possible introduction paths for a micro-hub system in Marburg as well as corresponding potentials for converting conventional vehicles to smaller and low-emission delivery vehicles are being investigated.

The report on the results of the feasibility study, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, is to be presented by the end of May 2021.