Online platform for active citizen participation launched in Oberasbach

16. March 2022

Since 15 March 2022, the citizens of the city of Oberasbach have been able to use the online citizen platform for active participation. PB CONSULT has been available to the citizens of Oberasbach for active participation. An urban development concept (ISEK), which was created eleven years ago and has already been partially implemented, is to be evaluated and reassessed by those affected. In addition to fundamental questions, such as what the city of Oberasbach should look like in ten to twenty years, highly topical priority issues have been added, such as climate, transport and settlement development. When planning the process for the online citizens’ platform, it was crucial to build on existing participation processes and active groups of people, while at the same time motivating citizens who were not yet active to participate.

The citizen participation and coordination work of the offices commissioned by the city of Oberasbach in spring 2021 (Planungsbüro Vogelsang, LANDSCHAFTSÖKOLOGIE + PLANUNG Bruns, Stotz & Gräßle and PB CONSULT) will take place in parallel to the content update and further implementation.