Conversion and renovation work on the N-ERGIE site

19. March 2024

Since spring 2022, the area of the N-ERGIE premises directly at Nuremberg's Plärrer transport hub has been undergoing extensive urban development changes.

On the one hand, the art nouveau gem "Volksbad" is currently being renovated and is due to reopen in 2025. On the other hand, N-ERGIE is building an employee car park on the site of the former vehicle halls and workshops that are being demolished in the process, which will also be available to Volksbad bathers in future. To the south of this, the so-called "RochusPark" will be created between the car park and the Rochus cemetery, which will provide more green space and quality of life in the middle of the city.

All of these measures require urgent conversion and soil remediation measures, for which PB CONSULT was commissioned with the construction management, coordination of the sector laying (laying of electricity and fibre optic cables, upgrading of district heating pipes, sewer work) as well as the planning of the site clearance and soil remediation work.

A special feature of the site is the discovery of an old gas storage foundation. The gasworks was built on this site in 1847 and supplied energy to the town's gas lanterns until 1904. The tar-containing production waste from that time is now a contaminated site that requires remediation.


At the interface of the two measures, i.e. the refurbishment of the Volksbad and the construction of an interim car park, a variety of tasks were and are pending. On the one hand, concrete was recycled from demolished halls that had previously stood on the site. The soil remediation of the entire area is currently in full swing. For this purpose, the defined soil layers are being removed by excavators. This now also works on construction sites with digital support. Using GPS-controlled transmission of CAD plans to the driver's cab, work can be carried out with pinpoint accuracy and the correspondingly contaminated soil can be removed.


The completion of all the measures and work mentioned is scheduled for summer 2025.

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