Traffic trial on protected bike lanes in Munich

19. December 2023

In its latest newsletter, the mobility department of the Bavarian capital of Munich reported on a project that we are particularly proud to have been involved in. In protected bike lanes (PBL), protective elements are installed in addition to the markings on the carriageway to structurally separate cycle traffic from motorised traffic. This provides permanent protection against motor vehicles or unauthorised parking. So far, PBLs have mainly been used in temporary trials or as an interim solution for construction measures. At present, none of the protective elements used to date have been officially certified for permanent use. It is therefore not yet clear whether such elements are suitable for everyday permanent use and what effect they have on road safety, road maintenance and traffic behaviour. In order to clarify these questions, the City of Munich set up a traffic trial, which was carried out from May 2022 to May 2023 and documented and monitored by PB CONSULT.