The Plärrer gets a new face with PB Consult as general planner

17. August 2023

As INGE Plärrer – Dorsch, the companies of the Dorsch Group (PB CONSULT, GRE German Rail Engineering and KREBS + KIEFER) together with two renowned Nuremberg architectural offices (wgf Landschaftsarchitekten and Bermüller+Niemeyer Architekten) have been awarded the contract for the general planning services for the redesign of the Plärrer according to the framework plan undertaken by the City of Nuremberg in advance.

The Plärrer is one of the main traffic junctions in Nuremberg, which borders directly on Nuremberg’s Old Town and is of great importance for all public and individual transport users (3 underground lines, 2 tram lines and 2 bus lines). In the course of the redesign, the traffic facilities (road and rail | tram incl. catenary) will be restructured. The underground structure under the square will be repaired and adapted to the new conditions. In addition to the redesign of the traffic facilities and the underground structure, square-designing high-rise buildings will be created and an additional 100 trees will be planted (in addition to the existing trees).

The various tasks are distributed within INGE Plärrer – Dorsch as follows:

  • PB CONSULT: general planning, traffic facilities road, LSA and local construction supervision of all trades
  • GRE German Rail Engineering: traffic facilities, rail, lighting and overhead contact lines
  • KREBS+KIEFER: civil engineering (underground) and structural design
  • WGF Landscape Architects: outdoor facilities
  • Bermüller+Niemeyer Architects: buildings (including functional buildings, bus stop roofs and public facilities)

The construction period will extend from September 2023 to October 2028.

Plaerrer Nuernberg_Dieter Roth_pb-consult-gmbh

Plan_Plaerrer_realgruen Lanschaftsarchitekten