Accessible Bus Stops Ludwigsburg

As part of the amendment to the Passenger Transport Act, the city of Ludwigsburg is planning to successively upgrade all bus stops in the city area to make them barrier-free. Against this backdrop, the city of Ludwigsburg (Sustainability and Mobility Department) commissioned PB CONSULT in 2019 and 2021 to prepare the work phases 1-3 for the barrier-free expansion of 14 bus stops with 22 bus stop platforms.

In 2019, Ludwigsburger Verkehrslinie (LVL) introduced a new route concept for city bus services in Ludwigsburg. To this end, some new barrier-free bus stops were created and existing bus stops were upgraded to meet accessibility requirements. The new bus stops were initially built and tested provisionally for test purposes. Following the successful completion of the test phase and feedback from passengers, these were realised barrier-free. In 2021, PB CONSULT undertook the planning of the accessibility of 12 further bus stops.

In addition to the accessibility requirements, particular emphasis was placed on the passability of the modified road cross-sections for buses and refuse collection vehicles. The results of the drag curve analysis served as the basis for the position and geometry of the bus stops. The aim of the planning was also to preserve existing green spaces and create new ones.


  • Planning services (HOAI work phases 1-3) following the standards of the city of Ludwigsburg
  • Performance of instruction procedures
  • Integration of existing plans
  • Performance of tractory curve tests
  • Planning of tactile routing
  • Coordination with the relevant organisations



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