Accessible Modification in Frankfurt

The tram stop Louisa, located in the southern city of Frankfurt am Main, is to be equipped with barrier free access. As a transfer point of lines 14 and 17, further expansion to a double stop is sought. Accesses to the adjacent S-Bahn station “Louisa” will be redesigned and expanded. On the city side, a curvilinear landscaped access path with coloured asphalt blends harmoniously into the surrounding nature conservation area.

PB Consult was commissioned for work phases 4-7 to lead the draft design to execution maturity and prepare the public tender including planning approval according to BOStrab for the TAB (Technical Supervisory Authority).

The accessible modification of the tram stop will be done with a rolling wheel . A detailed construction plan with regular maintenance of the tram operation was developed for this purpose. In addition, drainage measures are necessary due to a high groundwater level, which are to be assessed during execution, especially in the course of the cable laying work, in which approximately 750 m pipes are laid in the platform area.


  • Preparation of the Planning Approval for the TAB
  • Planning the Execution Phase
  • Detailed formulation of the Construction Phases
  • Consideration of de-watering measures
  • Design of access routes
  • Consideration with relevant stakeholders
  • Cost estimation
  • Preparation of the tender documents
  • Participation in the contract award



VGF Frankfurt