Fire Protection Underground Train Facilities

In order to adhere to the adjusted guidelines regarding the removal of fire loads, PB CONSULT was commissioned with the completion of several sections within the scope of the fire protection measures for the Nuremberg/Fuerth underground train facilities. Tasks to be completed include: The installation of the fire mains in Langwasser Nord underground station, the documentation of fire-retarding sealings in 38 underground constructions and repair of damaged facilities, the strengthening of building joints in the fire protection classification A1 and renovation of the joints next to the escalators.

In addition to the basic evaluation and the survey, PB CONSULT creates the tender and plan documentation and oversees the execution of the works (construction supervision). Approximately 5,100 m construction joints and 3,300 m joints next to the escalators were examined and put out for tender, and approximately 10,000 firewalls were tested, 4,000 of which require repair.


  • Basic evaluation and survey
  • Preliminary examinations
  • Concept creation
  • Creation of the planning and tender documents
  • Coordination of operations
  • Site management/construction supervision
  • Project documentation
  • Auditing



Stadt Nürnberg


VAG Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft