Footpath and cycle path concept Pocking

In the course of an ISEK from 2022 and a transport concept from 2020, the city of Pocking proclaimed mobility as a field of action. The aim was to strengthen both cycling and walking in the city. The cycling concept was intended to close gaps in the existing cycling infrastructure and plan the connection of the city's cycle paths to existing regional routes.

The footpath concept should fulfil the requirements of a lively city centre area. With the help of a potential analysis, the consideration of accident black spots and the consideration of the existing cycle infrastructure, a desired route network was determined. Citizens and the general public were integrated into the planning process with the network of desired routes.

Through online surveys, a stand in the city centre and other public events, the needs of local residents were recorded and taken into account in the planning process. The cycle path network was then further refined and the results of the study were submitted to the city with the help of a detailed catalogue of measures with prioritised actions. The same procedure was followed for the footpath concept.


  • Location analysis
  • Inspection and use of all existing footpaths and cycle paths
  • Determination of a desired line network
  • Participation platforms for the public
  • Network concept for footpaths and cycle paths
  • Defect analysis
  • Concept of measures and prioritisation of action



Stadt Pocking