Integrated Urban Development Concept Eckental

Within the scope of the federal support programme „Social City“, the creation of an integrated and sustainable concept for urban development (INSEK) was commissioned. This comprises extensive examinations and evaluations of the local conditions and strategies for future developments. The main focus should be on the four „larger“ districts Eschenau, Forth, Brand and Eckenhaid, where the remaining communities should also be taken into consideration. To achieve this, an appropriate traffic concept was created.

The current traffic situation was captured in accordance with traffic surveys. Using this as the basis, the current condition was analysed and classified for all modes of transport. Then various measures aimed at reducing or controlling traffic were developed, their traffic-related implications were examined and then evaluated for traffic-planning purposes.The final traffic-related assessment is used to enable further political decision making for the traffic-related development of Markt Eckental.


  • Traffic survey
  • Citizen’s workshop
  • Traffic analysis (multimodal)
  • Creation of a traffic forecast
  • Creation of an overall traffic concept covering all modes of transport
  • Assessment of traffic-related effects of urban development on the traffic infrastructure



Markt Eckental