ITS – Addis Abeba City Smart Mobility 2025

Addis Ababa is the capital of Ethiopia and home to over 3.3 million people. It is also an important regional and African centre for several international organisations. The city currently has 47 traffic lights, but many of them work poorly or not at all. The objectives of this project are the overall design of 5 corridors and all signalised intersections in the city.

In total, the project includes the investigation of over 215 junctions. A macroscopic model was developed in VISUM to guide the overall design of the junctions and the transport network. Each junction in the study is also the subject of microscopic modelling with Vistro and signal timetables with LISA+. Selected junctions are also simulated with VISSIM.


  • Traffic surveys including
  • origin-destination surveys
  • Traffic flow, cross-section and pedestrian counts
  • Analysis of existing traffic demand
  • Concept planning for each junction and corridor
  • Design of the new junction geometry
  • Macroscopic modelling with VISUM
  • Microscopic modelling in Vistro
  • Development of signal timetables in LISA+
  • Microscopic simulation with VISSIM



Addis Ababa City Roads Authority