Vehicle Fleet Mobility Concept

PB Consult was commissioned by the N-ERGIE utility company to develop a mobility concept for the vehicle fleet of the StWN organisation, taking into account the following guiding principles: „Given a specific investment amount, how can the usage requirements be fulfilled, if possible in a sustainable way?“

Supported by more than 50 interviews on executive level, an analysis of over 600 logbooks and close cooperation with the StWN organisation, the mobility requirements of the main users of the vehicle fleet were determined. Using the information gathered, detailed driving and usage profiles could be created. On this basis.

PB Consult developed various scenarios (pooling, reduction etc.) and compared the respective monetary and operational consequences. In addition to the identification of the possible savings, the vehicles under examination were categorised by their potential for electric mobility. This way, it was possible to select 70 vehicles with combustion engines and replace them by vehicles with electric drives. The creation of a perspective overview of the numbers and locations of the electrical vehicles was essential for the planning of the charging infrastructure required.


  • Regular coordination meetings
  • Performance of expert interviews
  • Analysis of logbooks
  • Creation of trip and usage profiles
  • Survey of the current mobility behaviour
  • Survey of the actual mobility requirements
  • Development of measures on the basis of a comparison of mobility behaviour and requirements
  • Categorisation of vehicles in terms of their potential for electric mobility
  • Perspective overview of the numbers and locations of electric vehicles to enable charging infrastructure planning