Marketing for New Residents “Green Centre Linz”

In 2014, a new inner-city residential area called „Green Centre Linz“ was launched on the premises of the former Linz freight station. The approximately 800 residential units are created and successively made available for new residents. LINZ AG LINIEN and PB CONSULT took this opportunity to start a joint dialogue marketing campaign in „Green Centre Linz“.

The changed environment and movements of the residents made necessary by a relocation offers great marketing opportunities to influence the new residents’ mobility behaviour. Former habits (usage of private cars) are not prevalent at this stage, because the customers need to „get to know“ the perfect movements and respective means of transport first. Using reliable and timely information obtained through dialogue marketing, a conscious decision in favour of public transport can be effected.

Within the scope of the action, 650 households were approached in person, providing information on the offers of the LINZ AG LINIEN. In addition, annual ticket holders received valuable presents. Select user groups were offered a trial ticket to be able to test public transport services without commitment. According to the follow-up survey, explicit approval of the action by the residents was measured. Moreover, the majority of participating households is planning to increase their use of public transport.


  • Preliminary GIS-driven target area analysis
  • Recruitment and training
  • Address processing with database creation
  • Creation and dispatch of personal announcements
  • On-site contact including examination of individual usage of public transport and the required information
  • Dispatch of the desired information brochures
  • Test ticket dispatch to selected user groups with follow-up survey
  • Follow-up survey of the participants and result evaluation
  • Control and coordination of all project components



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