Park + Ride Feasibility Study

Within the process of the local referendum, several proposals were submitted with the objective of combining two modes of transport. The integration of the traffic concept of the larger area light rail system into the existing traffic infrastructure is critical for a high acceptance of the new mode of transport.

A new traffic hub will be created using a P+R facility on the A3 motorway. This way, commuter traffic can be shifted from the street to rail systems within the city area. A feasibility study will be aimed at determining the potential of a P+R facility.

For the demand calculation, the traffic model of the city of Erlangen was used in addition to common planning procedures for P+R facilities. Following this, possible constructional measures were developed and compared.


  • Estimation of potential user figures
  • Considerations of travel times and comparison
  • Proposals for information and attractivity improvement
  • Proposals of possible operational modes
  • Infrastructural solutions
  • Connection efficiencies
  • Legal basis
  • Explanations of the relevant security-related aspects



Zweckverband Stadt-Umland-Bahn Nürnberg – Erlangen – Herzogenaurach