Unattended Automated Metro Nuremberg

The project comprised the following tasks:


  • Working out functional performance specifications for a call to tender for an automatic unattended metro system (rolling stock and track equipment) in Nuremberg, including the conversion of existing conventional route sections
  • Development of a concept for operational / organizational and technical fire protection for unattended train operation and combined operation (unattended / driver-conducted) taking into consideration avoidance, detection, monitoring and fighting of fire
  • Development of specifications for the unattended train operation UTO in the Nuremberg metro network (rolling stock and track equipment)
  • Development of operations procedures for the unattended train operation UTO. The relevant operational processes are identified and formulated, taking into consideration the statutary laws and relevant regulations
  • Technical work on planning and test support for the intrusion detection systems on the platform tracks. As the Nuremberg system does not use platform doors, detection of people in the platform tracks is a critical issue. The intrusion detection system has especially been developed for this purpose.



VAG Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft