Surveys of Handicapped Persons

For free transport or transport at reduced prices of severely handicapped persons in public transport, the traffic enterprises receive compensation payments from the government. In Nuremberg, the so-called survey of severely handicapped persons has to be carried out, pursuant to the provisions of § 231 German Social Code IX, every two years in all traffic branches, in four pre-defined periods. It is the objective to record the number of handicapped passengers, by interview and inspection of the type of ticket, in relation to the other passengers.

PBCONSULT prepares these surveys for VAG in the cities of Nuremberg and Fuerth in four periods, organizes and holds the surveys properly speaking with its own well-trained personnel, possessing many years of experience, and takes over part of the analyses of the raw data for VAG. In peak traffic hours, up to 25 interviewers at a time are employed for the interviews in the means of public transport.


  • Sample planning
  • Preparation and realisation of the survey of severely disabled persons according to §145 and following of German Social Code IX
  • Survey in four periods per year in the cities of Nuremberg, Fuerth and Erlangen
  • Plausibility checks
  • Regular evaluation of the survey data



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