Dorsch Gruppe and PB Consult: Better Together - Together Better

21. August 2023

Since mid-2020, PB Consult is proud to be part of Dorsch Gruppe. This partnership offers significant local and international opportunities in the fields of sustainable mobility and infrastructure.

Dorsch Global is one of the largest engineering consultancy companies headquartered in Germany, with global revenue over 600 million Euro and over 7,000 staff in 2023. Dorsch Global combines engineering excellence in the German market with well respected subsidiaries across the MENA region, UK and Asia under a multi-brand strategy, under which each company maintains its market leading brand identity. Notable Dorsch companies include ECG – Engineering Consultants Group in Egypt, Pell Frischmann in the UK, and Dorsch branded subsidiaries in the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, India and Thailand, alongside German based companies Krebs + Kiefer, GRE German Rail Engineering, BLS Energieplan and Spiekermann.

A significant global Dorsch Gruppe project is the landmark Addis Ababa City Smart Mobility 2025 project with a construction value over 600 million USD in which PB Consult played a leading role. Other notable projects with key Dorsch Gruppe involvement include Lusail City in Qatar, the Administrative Capital for Urban Development in Egypt, The Line in Saudi Arabia and Bangkok Metro in Thailand.

Our partnership with the Dorsch Gruppe strengthens our local capabilities which has lead to continued success on the Light Rail Nuremberg-Erlangen-Herzogenaurach project. Furthermore, with assistance from Krebs + Kiefer and Dorsch GRE, we are responsible for managing the rehabilitation of Plärrer as one of the most important transport connections in Nuremberg. This lighthouse project has the largest project value in PB Consult’s history and involves the complete reorganisation of underground transport facilities, and at-grade public realm over an inner-city area larger than 3 hectares over 4 years.

Dorsch Gruppe

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