Railway City Nairobi

The Nairobi railway station area (about 200 acres) is prime and urgently in need of urban redevelopment to facilitate urban continuity of the CBD and improve transport linkages to the south i.e. industrial area. In 2009, Kenya Railways embarked, through a prefeasibility study, on a project to regenerate and redevelop prime areas next to its railway station in the Cities of Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu, with the aim of coming up with railways cities that would contain state of the art multimodal railway termini.

As the plans to develop the Railway Cities are advanced, and in particular Nairobi Railway City, a proper functioning road infrastructure will have to be developed to support vehicular and pedestrian movements around the city, improve connectivity to surrounding zones and for access to buildings and amenities that shall be set up.


  • Designing Survey Sheets for cross-sections and roundabouts
  • Conceptual layout design of the Extended CBD
  • Road layouts
  • Junction designs
  • Macro- and microscopic analysis with PTV VISUM and VISSIM



Kenya Railways

Nairobi City County

Nairobi City County