International Consulting

01. December 2021

We have a long and storied history of working outside of German and EU borders.

Starting in the 2000’s we provided consulting services for new rolling stock on commuter rail lines in Izmir, Turkey and determined technical specifications for the automatisation of the metro in Helsinki, Finland. The Helsinki project was the first in the world to convert existing conventional vehicles to automised operations.

In the mid-2010’s we partnerd significantly with our then shareholder JBG Gauff Ingenieure on transformative transport projects in East Africa. The first was the Mass Rapid Transit project in Nairobi, Kenya involving both BRT and commuter rail. We designed the network and strategy, including operations and maintenance concepts. This was accompanied by the detailed design of the Rail and Road Based Mass Transit System on the Jogoo Road Corridor which included microscopic traffic modelling and simulation. Following the successful completion of these projects, we prepared the concept design of the Nairobi CBD southern extension – Railway City. We also designed traffic surveys, modelled transport movements in the city and selected junctions for ITS improvement in the ITS Nairobi project.


Our successful involvement in Kenya and Tanzania lead to PB Consult starting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to investigate traffic flow improvements in 5 inner city areas in 2017. This was followed in 2019 by the Merkato Traffic Flow Improvement project which included the complete redevelopment of roads and public areas in the largest open air market in Africa. Also in 2019 came our largest international success to date with the Addis Ababa City Smart Mobility 2025 (AACSM2025) project which involved the survey, analysis and design of over 200 junctions and 20 km of corridors, where cycle facilities were a key focus. The Merkato and AACSM2025 were successfully transitioned in 2020 to our current shareholder Dorsch Global and have recently been completed.

Other notable international projects in this decade include vehicular bypass of the UNESCO World Heritage Serengeti National Park, Tanzania and preparing the National Transport Model for Greece.

In the 2020’s we continue in Nairobi with detailed junction modelling on BRT Line 3 in Nairobi, Public Transport and Freight expertise in the Strategic Comprehensive Transport Development Plan in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and bidding appraisal of contractors for ITS infrastructure in the Administrative Capital for Urban Development, Egypt.

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